we never had a font before which was named after a girlfriends name. but so did sebastian grabbert with his creation. get more info about this weeks font author below.

just click on the pic above to get a full view and to download the file - available for mac and pc.
use the latest version of stuffit expander to open the mac-archives.
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sebastian grabbert about himself:

i'm 26, born and raised in leipzig,
living in hamburg until 1988.
i found my way to typography by doing graffiti at the age of 15 and beeing educated in drawing by an artist living next door.

about my job:
we realize infotainment-systems for huge cruise-liners (f.e. MS Europe), doing the whole design and programming.







if you are interested to promote your own free-fonts via fontomas, please don't hesitate to contact us.
we've received over 20 great designs since the launch which will be promoted later this and next year.


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fontomas is formerly known as eyesaw - the site is still available, but it'll rest in peace.

like we did for over 2 years now fontomas offers typographic experiments, downloadable for free.
envolved in the process of generating fonts are designers from the uk, the netherlands, sweden, italy, usa and germany.
there will be one font presented and downloadable for only one week (updates on wednesdays not mondays!) and then it disappears - no archive.
be there or be square (there'll be a cd-rom at the end of the first fontomas - year, just in time for xmas 2001.).


don't forget - the previous "fonts of the week" are no longer available for download.
here's what you've missed until now from the beginning: